Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Message from Minnesota State of United States

Arjun Pradhan/Bhutanese Friends
Arjun Pradhan, currently resettled in Minnesota State of United States shared his feelings upon arival in the new place. Check this out:-

Dear Friends,
It's me Arjun Pradhan. I was born in Chirang District of Bhutan. I spent my eighteen years in Beldangi -1 refugee camp in Nepal. Currently, i am resettled in Roseville city of Minnesota State of United States.
I arrived in United States in 17th August. On that long journey, I leaded 37 peoples and we came safely and now they are in their allocated cities.
I really missed my next mother lap Nepal, where i got my Education and spent my childhood. I remember my refugee hut made from plastic and thatches for protection from sun and rain. In particular, I visited all the seven camps and had made many friends and had good relationships with all the agency people in camp. I remember the precious time I spent with Reverent Father PS.Amalraj SJ, Father Peterjong Lepcha SJ, brother Monrath Pokhrel, Seven YFC Co-ordinators and Prateet Editorial team as well as Damak based journalist and also my brother Rajen Dahal, Yam Thulung, Prakash Angdembe and many others. I missed them all.
It was difficult to reside in refugee camp for a long time waiting for a good solution. Many of my friends had already started their new life in different parts of the world. I also thought about good future and better life rather than the life in refugee camps. Hence, I applied for resettlement in United States of America. I am grateful to IOM and UNHCR for resettling me here in United States.
Through this site, I wanted to remember all my friends living across the world.
Stay in touch. You can also visit my blog
Thanks all!

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