Thursday, December 2, 2010

Message from North Queensland, Australia

Lok-Nath Bhandari/
Lok-Nath Bhandari, previously from Khudunabari camp has expressed his feelings after he begins his new life in North Queensland of Australia. Check this out:-

Hello Friends,

My Name is Lok-Nath Bhandari. I am currently resettled in Bribie Island, Brisbane of North Queensland in Australia from Khudunabari Camp. Firstly, I am glad to get this Circle to express my thoughts, feelings and also about my new life in Australia.

I was only the baby of 9 months when my parents were evicted from Bhutan. After that, I was brought in Khudunabari Refugee camp located in Jhapa district of Nepal. I passed my early childhood period in the camps facing numerous difficulties. There was no proper shelter, no good health and education systems, and in particular, we can’t fulfill our basic necessities remaining in the clustered refugee huts.

In the last 17 years, my life was full of sorrows and difficulties. I was unknown about my future. Sometimes, I used to stay alone thinking about my standard of knowledge, and also my goals and the ways to achieve those. As a refugee, I cannot do anything that I wanted for my overall development because of lack of opportunities and also good system of education. In the mean time, the situation in the camp was worsening day by day. I was neglecting my education due to frustration and dissatisfaction.

I think that this all happened in my life due to the lack of opportunities and also prevailing social problems in the society including Racism, Vandalism, Quarrels, and other forms of misunderstandings.

I was always searching the way to escape from these sorts of obstacles and getting rid from this vulnerable situation. My small and immature brain started to think upon the offer of Third Country Resettlement Process which was begun already in the camps. After all, we applied for Australia keeping in mind that my family will be having better life there.

Along with my parents, I left Nepal in 28th July, 2010. We boarded a plane from Kathmandu and landed in International Airport of Brisbane of Australia in 29th July via Singapore.

I feel bad when I left my friends, relatives and neighbors and to be away from them.

I have been here for 4 months. I got many opportunities which are supportive to achieve my goals in Australia and it is glad to mention here that I am still in progress and struggling hard for my better future.

Currently, I am admitted to State High school in Grade 12. I am very glad as I get standard living, basic needs, and basic fundamental right to human beings, clean environment and climatic condition. I am in progress in building positive thoughts and feelings so that I can achieve my goals in the future.

I am also involved in keeping the relationship with other Bhutanese communities and networks including Circle.

At the end, I wanted to remind all the Bhutanese friends to stay in touch and get connected through this network. Miss you all.

Thank you,
Lok-Nath Bhandari Chhetri
Bribie Island
North Queensland, Australia.

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