Sunday, August 15, 2010


Hari Adhikari who is currently residing in Tucson city of Arizona state of United States has shared us his poem entittled "A Different Me?" Check this out:-
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The brook was babbling,
trees were dancing,
but I was delved to depth
looking for a different me..

Sun was sinking into the horizon,
Birds were chirping to go home,
the wild west wind's touching
was trying to soothe me,
I was only concerned
about one thing...
find a changed me,
totally different from the past,
I can't imagine the time has gone so fast,
completely turning my life around,
from a happy and contented me to a different me..
which I was trying to figure out

I think it is the irony of my life,
or may be something else
for which I am in to an endless mission
full of suspicions and hallucination;
hoping to discover a changed me -
regardless of whether it is a
positive or negative change.

This look for a different me,
has become a familiar refrain
without which incomplete
I tried it yesterday also and
I am doing today also
will be doing the next day too...
until I sense ......a different me?
or feel the accomplishment of my endless mission.....

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Raghu Osti said...

Hari....i am really gladdened to read your beautiful poem.your words are really matured and the poem is praise worthy.i enjoyed going through your poem several times.keep it up .
the world itself is dynamic and some changes in our lives are natural.but let there be lot of positive changes within have really chosen a good path ,so go ahead......i wish to see more creations from you in the days to come.

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