Saturday, May 1, 2010

Message from New York!!

Devika Acharya, who is currently residing in Queens City of New York State has sent message to all the Bhutanese Friends in Wednesday, April 28. Check this out:-

Hello Friends,
I am Devika Acharya, currently in Queens City of United States. Born in Bhutan and raised in Khudunabari refugee camp of Nepal, I arrived New York in 16th of February with my brother and sister. I am very happy that we all Bhutanese refugees got a chance to expose to new world. We got a platform to stand on. I still remember those days when we used plastic and thatches for protection of shelter from rain and sun. We have waited a long and compromised for needs. We had hidden tears in our eyes and also laughed in pain but now we have quite better life though we are not in our homeland. Thanks to those who gave us knowledge that's what we have and will be ever. Though, we have faced many difficulties in past, we are now struggling for better life in the developed nation. However, it's too hard to be out of those memories.

All those years of my life when I was in refugee camp is very precious for me. I was blessed by my friends and was with my community. I just tried to remove my pain by the love and affection from all. I spent my childhood and learned to speak there. I met SADPK and I was so glad that I was with my Bhutanese community. Now I am neither with those friends nor with those people. Sometimes I feel so lonely that I feel all alone in the crowd. I miss them so much and miss those days a lot.

After all I need change and progress. Sooner or later everything will be all right, lets hope so. Through this network I want to say that in each new step we are leaving some memories. You can keep in contact with my id which is I am missing you all. Stay connected!!


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