Sunday, May 30, 2010

Message from Vancouver, Canada

Ganga Subedi, who is currently resettled in Vancouver, British Columbia of Canada has expressed his feelings through this site. Check this out:-

Hello Friends,
I am Ganga Subedi. I was only of 4 years when I was brought to Jhapa district of Nepal from Bhutan and kept in Bhutanese Refugee camp (Timai) for eighteen years. After 18 years of my sorrowful life, I left Nepal on 5th October 2009 and got my first step in Canada on 6th October 2009.
In last 18 years, my life was full of misery and sorrow. I was like a fish climbing up to the earth. I was thirsty for knowledge and success. I didn't get step for hardwork. I raced towards the goal but I couldn't catch it. Then one day, I realized that all of these were just a surface to show my weaknesses. I wanted to be seen as strong and independent, but in fact, I wasn't. These all were due to the lack of oppertunity and the quality of life that I was existing.
Third country Resettlement brought a lot of conflicts and stresses in my brain. My little brain started bearing a conflict between a nationality and opportunity. I became irritable with everyone around me and didn't want to be with anyone. By the time, I was missing my friends and relatives. I was forced to think a number of questions. Who am I, How I exist, How I relate to and interect with others, and what have I been doing for the last few years? I started seeking answers and Third Country Resettlement was letting me confirm to myself the correct answers. Suddenly, I pulled my brain towards Third Country Resettlement. So, I applied for Canada. My process for Canada became well and I got a chance to be here in Canada.
I have been here in Canada for seven months. I got a lot of opportunities to be integreted here in Canada. And still, I am in the process of integration. Right now, I am doing job. Though I have to work, I am very happy to be here. A lot of opportunities, safe place to live, rights provided to us and good environmental conditions are some of the characters which which really made me happy. I am fortunate to be able to change my noisy mind which controlled every actions and thoughts. I am so lucky.
Ganga Subedi
Vancouver, Canada


raj said...

Very well expressed, Ganga. Congratulations!

raj dai.

GANGA said...

That was a long time ago. I wish I was able to write more in a better way.

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