Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Anniversary Special!!!

Ram Bahadur Baniya, who is currently residing in Norway wrote message to all the friends in the occassion of our anniversary:-

Prior to the concern of my recognition, I am a resettled Bhutanese in Alta, Norway. It is evident that, I arrived Norway in 2008 i.e.almost two years before. To say precisely, the new life was quite difficult for me in the beginning but as time went on, I emerged myself with efforts to explore the new culture, language,religion allternately.Whereby I am undergoing higher studies as well as, working as a part-Timer in various service centers. On behalf of current existence, I am also enrolled in keeping up friendship with all the Bhutanese Community in a global context by involving myself in FREIND CIRCLE,  BHUTAN. Hence, I ensure to all colleagues to remain closely connected ever after.

Ram Bahadur Baniya
Valhallveien 5D
9511 Alta

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Anonymous said...

I hope you are doing well in norwey now. Mail me to rathnayaka@gmail.com

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