Monday, November 9, 2009

Message from Arizona, USA

Luv muni Sirwal ( from Arizona state of USA shared his message to all the Bhutanese friends across the world through this site:-

Hi to all known and unknown friends,

This is Luv Moni Sirwal from the distance of journey writing an epistle to all the friends across the globe with warm regards and hearty rememberance. It is a great pleasure for me to write on this site and I am very grateful with the Administrator and all the friends who co-join to create this site which is a great way of communication to all the friends.
Recently, I am residing in Tucson city of Arizona state(USA). It has been eigthteen months I have been in this place since my arrival in the United States of America. I live with my family and now we are like 350 Bhutanese people in this city. When I go around the city, I found maximum of our people happy to reside here. This is a great and charming place which i had not seen it before and currently, I with my family are enjoying the life here.
Regarding the climate of this place, It will be hot in Summer and very fantastic in the winter. But I am glad that I don't have to worry about anything in the hot like back in Nepal...we have the facilities to overcome the heat of sun.
At the initial days when I came here, I was much worried because everything and everybody were new to me. However, by the time...everything has changed and now life has changed a lot too. I am happy here with my family and we are getting used-to with everything. My life has changed a lot that I would have never thought of it. Lastly, I would like to request my all the Bhutanese friends to always keep on touch through this site...which is a great way of communication, wherever we go and whatever we do.
I always missed my fellow Bhutanese friends, but I never missed the superstitious culture which never taught right things for our ancestors which leaded to nonuniformity in Bhutanese culture which is still practised.
I would like to share Best of luck for all to all the Bhutanese friends. Let the happiness and success comes in every step of all the Bhutanese freinds' life whereever they are. Let us stay connected. Thanks.

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