Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Message from Utah, USA

Kailash Bhandari" bkailash13@yahoo.com from Salt Lake city of Utah State located in USA has shared about the place and his new life through this site on Monday, October 19, 2009 3:14 PM:-
Hi friends,

It’s me your friend Kailash Bhandari from Salt Lake city of Utah State, USA. I was resettled from Khudunabari refugee camp of Jhapa district of Nepal. When I talk about my homeland, I am from Kikorthang Block of Chirang District.
I left refugee camp in Nepal on 9th June 2009 and I arrived in Salt Lake city on 12th June 2009. Now, It’s almost four months we have been here. Till now, I am enjoying the scenery of Salt Lake city.
I want to explain about the place where I live now. This city is like Kathmandu city of Nepal which is called as valley and is surrounded by mountains. There is also a big lake named Salt Lake so that the city’s name is Salt Lake itself. This is the city where we can see snow falling in the time of winter. It will be enjoyable for me as I going to see the snow falling for the first time in my life. Till now, there is no snow fall, however I learned that it will be falling from November. I heard from the people from the city that snow will fall up to 3 to 4 feet. The most amazing thing is that in the Salt Lake, we cannot find a single fish and also the water of the Lake is very salty.
I will share other facts about Salt Lake city next time. Lastly, I want to keep in touch with all the Bhutanese friends. So, if you are interested to be my friend and share our feelings eachother, you can mail me at bkailash13@yahoo.com. For today, I want to stop my writing here itself. Bye Bye and Have a nice future. Thankyou.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Kailash,

I don't know if I have met you, but I have many Bhutanese friends in Salt Lake. I have been trying to help a number of your people. I just read your message on the internet, and enjoyed this website very much.

Do you know Keshob Adikari? He is my friend. He is a case worker for CCS. I also know many other Nepali people.

What part of Salt Lake are you living in? I know a number of Nepali families in Holladay Hills Apartments on Highland Drive. The Rai family are my very good friends there.

I attended the Hindu festival a few weeks ago at Horizonte. It was wonderful! Maybe I met you there. I can't remember your name.

Are you a student? Are you working? How many in your family?

I would enjoy hearing from you.


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