Thursday, November 19, 2009



I express my deep grief at untimely and unexpected demise of Mr. Jeet Bahadur Gurung in western Part of Nepal this November who was from Khudunabari camp, Sector B-1Hut number 26, who was my friend as well as my brother.
We lived together in camp sharing our pain and pleasure. He was very helpful and really good to all. He always use to make people happy and use to create much fun with the friends. He was equally popular among all the friends as well as elders in the camp.
I extend my hearty condolence to his parents and relatives and pray that the departed soul may rest peacefully in heaven. I sadly miss him very much, however , i never forget him till my life.
Santa Rai

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Tri Bikram Adhikari said...

It is sad to know about jeetu's death.. I pray to almighty that let his departed soul rest peacefully in heaven.

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