Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Message from Syracuse city, USA

Rudra Wagley, a Bhutanese student who has been resettled in Syracuse city of New York state of USA from Khudunabari Refugee camp of Nepal expresses his feelings after he starts his new life there.Check this out:-
Hi, everybody!

This is Rudra wagley from Syracuse city of New York State, USA . Before i was in Khudunabari camp, sector-B and i was born in Samdrup jhongkhar district of Southern Bhutan. When I was in refugee camp of Nepal, I was a student and I passed my SLC examination and came here with my family. As well as I had worked in Chidren Forum as a Incharge for four years and in that span of four years, i got many trainings about drama. When i was on that forum, i used to play drama in different functions in the camps. We also had established a drama group aiming to bring awareness in the community.
Talking about this city, there are estimated 115 Bhutanese families starting their new life. Sometimes, we also conduct programs linking our culture and religion with these mass of people living here.
Let me talk about this place. It is like a hilly area. In winter, there will be snow fall and there will be cold climate. This place is like a village area which have good enviroment. Most of Bhutanese are doing job but non of my family members are doing job because we have to learn English.
Presently, me and my sisters are going to school reading in grade 10. In our school, there are many students from different countries. Comparing to our camps school where we have studied in Nepal, we have many facilities here. We get free education up to grade 12 and also education system is really good and in particular, teaching system is also different from camp school. In school, we have lots of fun and we have only five periods but each periods contains 70 minutes. The time in school is really exciting because sometimes we get chance to go some where else to visit
I am too much happy to be here because in camp we havent got like this facilties. In camps, we havenot got a better platform to show our skills and talents, however we got a new platform to present our skills here. Now we all are living peacefully in this new place. You can keep me in touch with this email address so that I can have more friends across the globe. My email ids are:- itsmerudra@gmail.com, keepintouch_withrudra@yahoo.com . Thanks

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