Thursday, October 8, 2009

Message from Denmark

Santa B. Rai from Denmark expresses his feelings to all the Bhutanese friends through this site:-
Hi, this is me Santa B.rai from Vesthimmerland-Denmark. Before, I used to live at Khudunabari camp. If I have to talk about my mother land, I am from Samchi dristict ,Changbari Block and Kadu Village of Bhutan. I came Nepal when I was child enough in 1993. I gave SLC from Sunrise Academy school of K/bari and I completed my I.A from Mechi campus -Bhadrapur and I was working at AMDA-Nepal in the health centre of K/bari before I came here.
I start my message with the popular thought –“Sad to depart happy to meet” which I say it as an old version. However, now I say that “Sad to depart, how to meet” which I call as remix version.
I am happy to get this site. Firstly, I want to say happy Deepawali to my family who are currently living in the refugee huts of Nepal and to my friends Chandra, brother Lachhu, Bimal, Subash, Buddha, Umesh, Chhabi, Ram, Deep, Pinki, Suku, Jyothi, Surja, sisters- Kabita, Meera, Beena, Chandra, Parmila, Urmilla and specially to my one and only best friend Shiva Chamling.
Presently, I am starting my new life in Denmark. Here I am living with Danish family and we are four in number -a father of two twins son of age 12 and me.
Denmark is beautiful country with no any big mountains and it surrounded by ocean from all the sides. It lies below Norway and above Germany and it is too much cold country. The neighboring country of Denmark are Norway, Germany, London and Netherlands but interesting thing is that this country is not in touch any one of above country because it is in the middle of the ocean. A surprising thing of Denmark is that it has a mountain with 154 m height. It is the highest mountain in Denmark. Isn’t it surprising? And another point is Denmark is three times smaller than Nepal.
The people of Denmark speak either Danish or English. Most of them speak Danish because it is their mother language. The one who knows English can do better here because every people of Denmark knows English. You know the one who knows English can take no time to learn Danish because the two languages are most similar. For examples- te=tea, ris=rice, salt=salt, etc.
Friends, le t us be in touch. For now, I end my writing. BYE

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Tek Nath Acharya said...

I am Tek Acharya (Atlanta,Georgia,USA) would like to congratulate to all participants of the FCB. Also I should not forget the Suscriber; BHAI Tri Bikram Adhikari, who is also the chief co-ordinator of the great platform FCB.

I am glad to know that many of our friends are within the CIRCLE but too many are yet to be connected. Many of our friends are connecting from Australia, Canada, USA, Norway etc. But I found no messages from Refugee Camps which is be much important for us to know about them and their situation.

It is because they are to be made aware about the thhings to be done before they leave Camps. We also have to get current information reguarding the camps situation and the way we can do better for them.

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