Monday, September 28, 2009

Message from Canada

Chok Man Rai (, who is now  resettled in Quebec City of Canada  from Khudunabari  refugee camp shares his experiences of the  new life on Sunday, Sep 27, 2009 at 5:15 PM:-

Hi frens (Bonjour),
This is me Chokman Rai (James) from Quebec city,Canada. I was from Khudunbari refugee camp.I left the camp in 15th of july,and i arrived canada on 22nd  July.In canada,we are in different provinces and we are in Quebec province and within Quebec province, all Bhutanese are in four cities.and all bhutanese are happy to be in quebec city and i too.
The true and the surprising thing i knew is that among the twelve  provinces in canada, French is spoken only in the the province where i am residing. However in Quebec city, we can have conversation in English with maximum peoples of Canada.  Besides the French language, here in our city we can have conversation in English and Spanish too. About learning language,we havenot started the class but soon we all are going to class. And i heard before that Canada was invented by the immigrants and after my arrival, i believed it when i saw with my eyes itself. Here we can find different races of people.
Regarding the Environment of Canada, here we can find four seasons i,e summeer,autumn,winter and spring, Now we have summer but we all feel cool. Its really embarassing days going on.Sometimes, i  feel that i am not in this milky way galaxy.
All the activities needed for all Bhutanese refugees are supported by the Central and Provincial Government of Canada. Regarding helps and supportsof govt, in our province they give us financial support for all proposes just like for fooding, renting appartment and other proposes and all kinds of insurances such as medical are insured by the Central, Federal and Provincial govt. of Canada. Regarding Education,childrens can receive free education untill his or her childhood. I am planning to go university soon.
Lastly,i would like convey my messages to all known and unknown Bhutanese friends- now we are in different part of this earth.....i.e. i still love my Homeland, i miss all the guys, relatives and neighbours in Nepal. I promise that i will be sharing all the news and inventions of my living country Canada.
Thanks for all friends
Chokman Rai(James)
Boulvard rene levesque Quest,app:1
Quebec city,Quebec,canada.

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दुर्गा अधिकारी said...

I m so happy to know about chock man and canada. thanks.

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