Thursday, September 3, 2009

Message from Norway

Ganga Ram Darjee, an adult with his family got resettled in Norway from Bhutanese Refugee camp, Khudunabari. He wrote on Thursday, September 3, 2009 at 10:57 AM about his new residence:-
Hi I am Ganga Ram Darjee from Norway. I am one of the son of Bhutan. I am with my family here. I enjoy in Norway but missing Bhutanese friends and Bhutan. Life is going better here. Norway is quite similar to Bhutan with snow mountain around. It`s really beautiful and peace country. We are nearly ten families residing in this area. You can visit my Photo at the Photo Album. Bye

Jamuna Darjee also wrote from Norway:-
Hi friends! Iam Jamuna Darjee from khudunabaricamp but rightnow iam living in Norway.I have two brothers and three sisters.
We all are fine and going school but I always miss my Bhutanese and Nepali friends. Friends, whereever we you are living, donot forget us ok. Now I am living in Norway but I always remember my friends and country which I stayed before and also my history. In Norway, we had many opportunities to find a work and also education. Lastly, i want say one thing to my all friends, plz "Don`t forget our reality". Be always good, Do always good. Thanks

Jamuna Darji (Prem Kumari Darjee)

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