Sunday, August 30, 2009

Message from Bhutanese friends

Ghanashyam ghimire (8/30/09 10:05 AM): wrote:-
याद आयो भने आँखा बन्द नगर्नू, भेट भएन भने पनि दु:ख नमान्नू, हामी सधैँ सँगै हुनुपर्छ भन्ने केही छैन, तर मित्रताको ढोका भने कहिले बन्द नगरनू .
Rudra Waglay (8/30/09 11:31 AM):
hi all the frens of bhutan, this is Rudra Waglay from USA,New York i arrived New York before 1 month nowadays i am passing days by chatting frens and visiting place i start going school from 8 september.and before in camp i live in k/bari camp sec b3. frens this place is so nice to live here and i am living with my 5 family members.
thanks_waiba (8/30/09 5:10 AM): ''friendship is special river between two heart'' 9:40 PM 8/27 H= How r u? E= Every thing ok L= Like to c u L= love 2 hear from u O=Obviously I Miss u! so.... HELLO!
ghalleyt (8/30/09 11:06 AM):
ok guys thanx 4 ur saying and give good knowledge to me hai i think i found good friends now in US. i never found friends like u.

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