Thursday, September 10, 2009

Message from Friend Circle, Bhutan

Dear friends,
The greatest festival of Hinduism- Vijaya Dashami and Deepawali is knocking the doors of all the festival lovers. Our friends from different parts of the globe are sharing the message of wishes for the festival and also share their plans for grand celebration of it. Even, we are in different parts of the world and have different environment and culture; we should not stop celebrating these sorts of festive occasion. This is indeed our responsibilities to preserve and protect this rich cultural practice and festivals as these are our identity. In particular, the celebration of these festivals gives great pleasure and also it is the great source of knowledge and teachings for the upcoming generation.
From this day, the platform of Friends Circle, Bhutan has been opened for sharing wishes and messages for the grand celebration. Therefore, individual and public messages and wishes are highly welcomed in this site. Let’s share our feelings and viewpoints each other so that the pain and sorrow of missing each other can be relived to some extent and we can be in contact with all friends residing in different parts of the world.
With regards,
Tri Bikram Adhikari
Administrator cum Chief Coordinator
Message from Nepal
Our Central Committee members currently residing in Bhutanese Refugee camps in Nepal has shared their expressions and opinions towards the upcoming greatest festival of Hindu- Vijaya Dashami:-
Dear friends!
On the auspicious occasion of coming “Happy Vijaya Dashami-2066 B.S.”, we Phurba Tamang, the secretary, Geeta Gurung, Treasurer, Mamta Subba, Asst. Co-coordinator of the Circle would like to give warm and fine regards and best wishes to all the friends of Bhutan living around the world. Let this Vijaya Dashami bring your entire thoughts become positive and be successful in every steps of life and have a prosperous and delightful long life.
Friends, though we are residing in different parts of the world, but our culture, dress and language are same. Therefore, we must preserve our culture, language and our dress for the identification and to teach our coming generations. And we are hoping that you will write us more about our organization and your day today lifestyle. Once more we jointly wish you “Happy Vijaya Dashami-2066” and depart from you now.
With regards,

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