Monday, September 14, 2009

Condolence letter framed with networking between friends in Nepal and USA

Heartfelt Condolence
Following the murder of KB Khadka, a social activist and former camp secretary of Beldangi refugee camp in 8th september 2009,refugee camps are becoming more insecure place to live and most of our friends residing inside the camps say that it is very hard to stay in this situation. We are very sad to know about this situation which leads to fear and insecurity of all in the refugee camps. Our friends residing in Nepal had send the condolence letter and with the combined networking, we have published here in the site. Let Khadka's soul rest peacefully in heaven and let Almighty God gives strength to the bereved family to overcome the grief.
We also request all the agencies and organizations operated inside the refugee camps for speeding up the process for maintaining safe and secure lives in the camps.

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