Wednesday, April 22, 2009

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On 4/21/09, rajesh ghalley from Norway wrote:

Iam very fine here and what about you all? I think you all are also fine there. Yes of course it is a good place to live it is a cold place too.Norway have its own language that we called it norwagian language. All letters are of english A-Z but after Z there are three letters i.e Å Ø Æ.Norway is a monarchy country people are of white face.Norway have lots of natural beauties.many people from different part of world had came to norway.We are living in the southern part of norway.It is very good place to survive.People speak their own language.Some norwagian can't speak english other can speak english.This is a short information about norway or my residing place more will be in next mail.MAIL ME bye....

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Unknown said...

This is Mr govinda khatiwada from khudunabari camp. I am very glad to see and find this site.This site makes every person to keep in touch with his or her past and present friends.presently i am in USA, in pennsyalvania state, pittsbugh city.I am very happy to be in country because the dream of heaven is here in the earth.Now i came to know that we have spent very miserable life in the camps for 18 years which is unforgetable in our life.So exile life much harder than cage life of parrot.Thus, to all the friends who live in USA or to other countries, let's make our life and generation life better and bright.So those who want to be my friend you can mail me on, ok thanks for those who created this site.Go on proceding for further for long connectoin.
By: Govinda Khatiwada

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