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Namaskar !!
Your blog site is important. So many of the Bhutanese refugees are settling in so many different cities and countries. They have friends and family that they will always want to be able to contact. Your blog is a wonderful idea to help them.
I am an American and live in the state of New Hampshire. Many years ago I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Nepal and taught science in high schools in Kathmandu.
When I heard that the US was going to receive Bhutanese from the camps my wife and I volunteered to help those who came to our state. The first family, arrived here from Sanischare camp April 1, 2008. We are now friends with the family: grandparents, parents, and children. We have begun to learn the Nepali language again! That has been fun for us.
Until last year there was no dictionary with both Nepali-English and English-Nepali sections that was published in the US. I quickly arranged for such a dictionary to be published.
Bhutanese who have come to the US might want a copy.
Anyone who would like a copy should first contact the local organization who assisted them with housing and other help. Ask the organization about getting dictionaries for all the Bhutanese refugees.
If you cannot get a copy that way, you should email me
I have received some donations and I can provide a free copy to a small number of refugee families.
Doug Hall
Chichester, New Hampshire

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Kristin said...

Great work. Thanks for all of the effort!

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