Monday, April 13, 2009

maya dahal Apr 9 wrote:

Hi its me dhan maya dahal(neopaney) from pathari snischarey camp immigrated to us 9 months ago.Now im in illinois state,wheaton.Im enjoying the totally new life in new country.As compered to the horrible life in camp and in the life in US is totally different.Here we have better living house,food,environment etc. In Nepal we can eat only one day if we earn a day but here we eat what ever we like if we earn one day through entry level job.The highest amount that we need to spend here is house rent.we all are living happily here. People r scared of loosing our culture n religion.No need to worry because there is no any kind of discrimination.Here we found our hindu temple near by our house we use to go there every week n we celebrate pooja,bhajans in the temple. So i hope people will get this message n they will encorage more to come to us.This much for today bye see u later.

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