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Expression from Richmond City of Virginia State, USA

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Dadi Ram Neopaney"Antim" who is recently resettled in  Richmond city of Virginia State of USA has expressed his feelings after his arrival in the new home. He was previously from Beldangi-2 Extension Bhutanese refugee camp. Check this out:-

After all with long breath, I met my sister-in-law Narayani at Delta Airlines Airport in Virginia at  late 8.30 PM. in December 18th accompanied by  my old mother, wife, and my son. Eighteen years of refugee life in Nepal was really a extra story where we experienced both sorrow and the plight. Life under the supervision of United Nation's High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and administrative care of Government of Nepal was very warm protection with all kind of basic needs fulfilled in order to live a common life.
It was my last day to remain under the plastic and bamboo made hut, all the relatives were present to bid Good Bye and pray for safe journey. Refugee camps are a  large number of huts arranged in a big area for forcefully evicted Bhutanese people compelled to be called as refugees which was a home for us.
I remember the days ought there in Camp where I spend my lovely childhood, teenage, and start adulthood. It was not easy to spend eighteen years exile life within the periphery of camp. Totally, it was hardship for us to be in touch of modernization which keeps a deep relation with economy.I spent my many years serving my community as a volunteer. To tolerate and moving ahead was only one best way to achieve something in life. A kind of culture to criticize and pull down to those who try to learn and do new things is the main barrier still. Though I can proudly admire the world that I was lucky to overcome all that hardships and learn at least new things. Fractions in my community has deeply rooted, what will happen it is matter of tension? Which will lead our community towards destruction. A flame flows in my mind recalling the past days. I regret to lacking technical knowledge which will build a track of hardship in resettled countries too. Days to keep hands on forehead will be regrettable. My memoirs were spinning like a wheel in the Airport comparing hut and new life whether I could successfully be settled or not? That moment was very unbearable in my mind. I couldn't resist thinking and thinking due fever was troubling me from Kathmandu itself. My footsteps in Virginia trembled me like a wind which may blow the life. Intentionally the reason was a family head in twenty's age guiding all with full responsibility.
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hi antim it is good to post that expressions goon posting plz
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