Sunday, August 2, 2009

Message in the ocassion of Friendship Day

"There is a miracle called FRIENDSHIP
that dwells in the heart,
you don't know how it happens
or whom it gets it's start
But you the special lift ,
It always brings
and you realize that FRIENDSHIP
is God's most precious gift"
The above lines are perfect for those who are searching for the definition of "FRIENDSHIP".Today is the special and perfect day to wish our friends a "Happy Friendship Day". It is the day where we can express our love to the friends.Everybody should know the special meaning of the friendship as friends are those who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.
Recalling the history of this day, the tradition of dedicating a day in honour of friends begun in USA in 1935 AD. Gradually, many countries started to celebrate this day. In every first sunday of August, friendship day celebrations takes place in most parts of the world.
In this grand celebration, where we share our messages of friendship to all our friends, some share friendship gifts as a flower, cards, and also wrist bands to their intimate friends.
In the occassion of International Friendship Day, FCB family would like to say Best of luck to all the friends across the globe,whether staying in the refugee slums in Nepal, inside Bhutan or residing in rest parts of the world as we also have our working area as friendship building.
After all, we want to wish you a "Happy Friendship Day". Let we be connected whole over the globe and share our common feelings each other. Feel free to share the messages to our site. We are hoping for connecting more Bhutanese friends in the near future and than there will be more friends in our network. Best of Luck.

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