Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mesage from Chicago,USA

"Achut Dahal wrote on Saturday, August 1, 2009 11:22 AM sharing how he is residing in Chicago city of Illinois state of USA:-

Hi friends, this is me Achut Dahal all the way from CHICAGO, USA missing you all whoever in abroad or in the seven REFUGEE CAMPS. We are all fine here in Chicago. Here in Chicago, we are more than 120 families sharing joys and sorrows and missing the departed friends and relatives and more our motherland BHUTAN. Besides most of us those who had little English,are going to job and rest are going for ENGLISH CLASS. About me, i am trying to go back school but friends it's very difficult to go continue our studies.
I also is so shocked by the untimely demise of our friend HARI LAL ADHAKARI and pray to GOD to give a good place in HEAVEN.
Friends be careful it's very difficult to be in abroad. We should try a lot to cope up with it.
Yours Friend
Achut Dahal

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Unknown said...

I am Tek Acharya (Atlanta,Georgia,USA) would like to congratulate to all participants of the FCB. Also I should not forget the Suscriber; BHAI Tri Bikram Adhikari, who is also the chief co-ordinator of the great platform FCB.

I am glad to know that many of our friends are within the CIRCLE but too many are yet to be connected. Many of our friends are connecting from Australia, Canada, USA, Norway etc. But I found no messages from Refugee Camps which is be much important for us to know about them and their situation.

It is because they are to be made aware about the thhings to be done before they leave Camps. We also have to get current information reguarding the camps situation and the way we can do better for them.

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