Wednesday, June 17, 2009

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Sushila darjee from Norway wrote in june 15:
Hei!!! first sweet rememberance to all of my dear friends. Life is going well here in Norway but missing you all. Me and my family are fine and going school.
Now i`m learning language and after that i`ll join university.Government take care of my youngers and also me. You know government is really nice and we are not having any problem.Some norsk people work in our house to take care of my youngers and it`s quite fun to be with them because here near us except my maternal uncle`s family. And i hope more nepali comes here.Every thing is allright here beacause Norway is really beautiful country. And tribikram bhai please relay special remembrance to Tulasha Osti and all staff of SRA ok. see u next time and lots of thanks for opening this websites.

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Unknown said...

are you sure too that you also like Norway.Fantastic....

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