Monday, April 27, 2009

"Bal krishna Pokhrel" from USA wrote on 27th April 2009:

I am Balkrishna pokhrel, a previous resident of beldangi_2 camp sector D-3,hut no:32. Presently I and my family are resettled in Phoenix, Arizona, USA by Lutheran Social Service of the South west. After long suffering in the camp I am enjoying the new life in USA. Life is totally different than the one we are spending in the camps. Physical happiness of USA can’t be compared with that of camps. Spiritually also people are very happy because there are Hindu temples like Mahaganapati temple of Arizona, Hindu temple of Arizona, Radhakrishna temple of Arizona in Phoenix for Hindu peoples. For Buddhist person there are also Buddhist temples. In comparison with other state, this state is quite hot. Snow has never fall in the place where we are settled. Now days the temperature is around 92 degree Fahrenheit. It has warm and dry climate. So, it can be said that the climate of Arizona resembles with that of Jhapa and Morang Nepal. I am realizing that if we were resettled before few years, we would have made a lot of progress. But than also we have started. So, friends make your mind, so that you will be successful. Bye

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