Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wrong Way, a short movie by iRaysCreation

"Wrong Way" is a collective effort of our Bhutanese friends resettled in United States. This short movie gives a good message to our resettled friends across the globe. See below for the full description of this movie as posted in mearomeo1000's channel in YouTube:

"WRONG WAY" is the first work of "iRaysCreation" and a first Bhutanese short movie in USA. This movie reflects the dreams and the consequences of Bhutanese and Nepalese people being abroad due to little carelessness. Movie might be coincidence to some viewers. "WRONG WAY" is written,directed,photographed and edited by Bhanu Tiwari in the assistance of Arjun Devson. Hope you will consider this as the first work of "iRaysCreation" team and gonna support and suggest us. Thank You.

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