Friday, August 14, 2009

Message from California state of USA

Hari Dahal" wrote on Thursday, August 13, 2009 2:21 PM about the city where he is residing currently:-

Hi everyone,
This is me Hari Dahal from San jose city of California state of USA. Here, i am with my family since 6 months. San jose is really very beautiful place for living. There are less Bhutanese refugees in California as compared to other states. Among them more number of Bhutanese families are in Oakland city and others are in San Diego, Sacramento, Almeda and San Jose city. Very less number of families are in San jose,that is 5 families. There were 10 families in the beginning but Five already moved from this place. The main cause of moving people from this place is high expensiveness, less employment oppertunities and comparatively low wages per hour. The remaining 5 families are also making mind to move from this place. We are trying to stop Bhutanese Refugees to come here in this city. Recently there are some new files of Bhutanese refugees arrived in the agency and we are trying to send that files to another place because we dont want any more families to come over here as all families are planning to move from here. The life is very complicated for illiterate people in this place even though the climatic condition and social environment is very well in this area.

But in the meanwhile, Oakland city, the city near to us has the majority of people with different race and color and robbery and murder are common incident in that place. But in San Jose city where we live, there are no such incident happened since my arrival.

I just give stress to explain my place because i want the remaining people to think before deciding to come in California and i too hope that peoples who are in America will help to find out the good place for remaining people where they can sutain their life. At the end, I hope you all are doing well in different place of the world and i do hope to write better from the new state of USA soon.
Thank you
Hari Dahal


Unknown said...

The news of Hari Dahal is true for the Refugees who are placed in California. But I wonder Which Hari Dahal is it who wrote this article. I think I am the only Hari Dahal in Caliifornia. I live in Folsom near Sacramento. Please contact me in my home phone 9166081976.

Unknown said...

Hi Hari Dahal! where are you from? I mean in the camp. I am surprised to know another Hari other than me. Dahal? are you kidding? I too am Dahal. I am at Folsom CA

Bhutanese Friends said...

Hi Hari,
Hari Dahal, who wrote this message was previously from Khudunabari camp and now he has shifted to Massachussets state of USA.

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