Monday, July 27, 2009

Message from Florida, USA

Yadhu ram Dhital ( wrote on Sunday, July 26, 2009 1:31PM from Jacksonville city of Florida state of USA:-

Dear friends, world is not only where we stand but it is also which we may not know. It's me Yahaman(yadhu) from jax. florida,USA. I am wondering that i am giving my address differently than before, because i am USA. I use to say,'' when should i reach USA?''. But now i am here. It is too different then before, i am going to explain about my living place. Now i am in Orange park of Jacksonville, mostly refugee got rent on appartment, thus we also live in p-lanter walk apartment. There are various apartment here in USA. It is just a building made by private company for rent. we live on big building having four appartmant home. Among them we have one i.e appartment no. 118. In our appartment we have four bed room and one kitchen and dining room.we have every thing in kitchen like freeze,dish washer,oven, rice cooker, electric fire to cook and more. we should pay $1100 every month. we should not give our own till 3 months. our helping agency is paying us for rent.To describe Florida, it seems good place,may whole USA is like this. We see green tree everyday. There are trees in close to our house. It is so managed. we everytime see green forest here. Here is good enviroment on our place. My sister and myself got admited to higher school. My school name is Robert Lee high school. Even we got admission but we are attending school from 24th August. Before admission, medical check up and enterance exam is necessary. we attended both thing to get admission. To complete all those process, case worker help us. we should not only depend upon because they are working for many of the refugees. They only teach or lead us once ,then we ourself should continue doing that works. Even we get help but it not like there in camps as we use to get rice and every thing on godown. Case worker from the office will give us food card from food stamp and we should continue shopping by ourselves. So, we should be conscious in every steps. Every new time is important for us to know. I had listened much about those fact, i too see here, so please i want to suggest you to think challenging life here. No one gets great life here without great struggle but person who get success can be great winner. Really this land is for hardworker. I feel that person under 18 age are really lucky guy here because they get chance to study in USA because it have great value here. Please, come here for doing great work and spending great life. Please, give me permission to leave. click here to get more writings of me Bye Bye and "God Bless you always."

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